Our new topic in year 5 and 6 is going to be Brazil! Starting on Tuesday!!!

You will start looking at everything Brazillian- from dance to cookery. 

This will be similar to our road safety topic, where you will be placed in teams to collect information ready to compete with each other!!! Rio 16 in the classroom!!!

This topic will end with an amazing STMS carnival on the 10th of June!!

We are all excited to start this project!!!




21 thoughts on “Brasilia!!!

  1. I can’t wait and actually I know a lot about the food and a bit about the country because we go to this Brazilian restaurant and everyone is our friend there and they are Brazilian.


  2. I am very excited for the dancing part but I will research both food and dance. If I am allowed may I demonstrate in class tomorrow – only if I can make time to learn. :)))


  3. i am very exsited as i do not know much about the country and i have never been in a carnevle and hav not relly seen one ; )


  4. I am loving the topic miss Ridd. Can we do a treasure and when we find a object we describe it and see if the class can guess


  5. Hi Miss Ridd, I attempted to create a leaflet about dance in Brazil on Purple mash, but there was a virus and it nearly broke my computer. When we checked it on the internet it said that it was due to a faulty website – so I cannot use it and will need permission to use the computers at school. I will need to finish this for the group so Monday lunch – I would be thankful!


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